Samstag, 13. April 2013

How to install win7 on a ASUS Zenbook UX21A

what you need

PC with a DVD player (PC1)
win7 DVD
USB stick

free tools

1 create the USB stick
all data on the stick will be erased

-format the USB stick in fat32

-install imgburn on the PC1
-install windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool on PC1

-insert the Win7DVD in your DVD player from PC1
-run ImgBurn
use the funktion “create image file from disc”
source will be your Win7 DVD Destination a place on your hard-disk on PC1
safe the file as win7.iso

start the "windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool"
open the win7.iso and chose your USB stick as destination

(if you run antivir it could get problem, go to the settings and deactivate block auto run)

USB stick is now ready

2 install win7 on the laptop.
Safe all data from your laptop, then all data will be removed and erased after installation from win7

shut down the laptop
put your USB stick with the win7.iso file in the laptop
start the laptop and open the bios

open bios >> press and hold the ESC button right now after pressing the ON button.
Choose setup:
this settings have to be made ore the laptop will not boot from the USB stick

Security > Secure Boot Control = Disable
Boot > Fast Boot = Disable
Boot > Launch CSM for legacy support = Enable

safe settings and exit

Now the win7 installation will be started...

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

Gonjoo TSE Rear Shift Adapter for the TS-E 17 mm 1:4L

The Gonjoo TSE Rear Shift Adapter is to shoot panoramas without parallax errors with the canon 17mm tse lens. The lens is fix on the tripod and so you can tilt and shift the camera body.
You can do horizontal and vertical panoramas in high size and landscape format.
The compact design, allows you tho have the adapter permanently on the lens.
Total weight: 129 gram
you can shoot a 35mpixel panorama on a 5D MKII
100% Swiss made

more info on facebook 

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Self made analog 35mm Film scanner

what you need
  • laptop // set the background color on white
  • some LEGO stones
  • DSLR
  • Macro lens
  • tripod

How to
  1. as amble some LEGO Stones together like the photo.
  2. Bring your film in your LEGO holder.
  3. set your laptop background color with.
  4. Set your laptop screen horizontal on a table.
  5. Adjust your DSLR cam parallel to the film and laptop screen.
  6. Tate photos from the film. Use manual mode. If your photos smaller than the hole film take photos from each part of the negative and stitch it in a graphic software on your computer together.

Finish your photo from the analog film in Photoshop

invert black&withe film: 
  • Image>adjustment>invert.

Invert color film: 
  • Image>adjustment>invert.
  • Image >adjustment > levels (auto levels)
the second step is important, than your withe point from the film is a kind of orange. Your color will be wrong with out the second step!!

Here a samples photo how I digitalis with this technique. I took 12 photos from the negative with a 5dmarkII (21mpixel), and I get around 170mpixel digital photo...

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

Very light nodal point adapter for my DSLR

I build me a new “nodal point “ adapter with just 129 gram inkluding fast change plate for gitzo head. For canon 16-35mm USM II objective on a 5D mark II. Its possible to use the camera horizontal an vertical. This adapter is for reducing the optical fold in panorama stitch photos.

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Sharan-pinhole-camera 35 wide. How to calculate the exposuring time

This is a little how to, to calculate the exposure time for this pinhole camera.

Material list:

Calculate the exposing time:
For that do I use my Motorola DEFY smart phone, and the free app “beeCam Lightmeter”.

//info: I had to adjust the light meter in the menu point “sensor correction” with the value of 10.0. I guess this number is different from phone to phone. To adjust, go out at 12 o'clock on a sunny day and start the app. If you have 100 000 lux the adjusting is right. lux on wiki
ISO set to 100
F to 32.

The app would be perfect if it could be set to f 180. but the maximum is f32. For that reason you have to calculate the expose time from f32 to f180. The factor for that is 32. f stop list on wiki ( exposure time for f32 x 32= exposure time f180)

If you use the ILFORD FP4 film, and got a longer exposure time than a 1/2 second. You have to adjust the exposure time. See the graphic on site 2. pdf
for that reason I done this smal table.

On the left is the time from the “ beeCam Lightmeter app” ISO= 100, f32. In the middle, the time for f 180 and right the time with the adjustment for the ILFORD film.

Now you are ready to take photos with the sharan pinhole camera.

Sonntag, 24. April 2011

A floss for Basel

This is a little design / possibility study for a floss in Basel. This concept will give more space on the river Rhein.