Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Self made analog 35mm Film scanner

what you need
  • laptop // set the background color on white
  • some LEGO stones
  • DSLR
  • Macro lens
  • tripod

How to
  1. as amble some LEGO Stones together like the photo.
  2. Bring your film in your LEGO holder.
  3. set your laptop background color with.
  4. Set your laptop screen horizontal on a table.
  5. Adjust your DSLR cam parallel to the film and laptop screen.
  6. Tate photos from the film. Use manual mode. If your photos smaller than the hole film take photos from each part of the negative and stitch it in a graphic software on your computer together.

Finish your photo from the analog film in Photoshop

invert black&withe film: 
  • Image>adjustment>invert.

Invert color film: 
  • Image>adjustment>invert.
  • Image >adjustment > levels (auto levels)
the second step is important, than your withe point from the film is a kind of orange. Your color will be wrong with out the second step!!

Here a samples photo how I digitalis with this technique. I took 12 photos from the negative with a 5dmarkII (21mpixel), and I get around 170mpixel digital photo...

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