Sonntag, 15. August 2010

What's in my camera bag

Here are a list of my camera equipment how I use to shoot my landscapes photos on
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II    >>
  • Canon 16-35mm USM II lens  >>
  • Gitzo GT 1541T tripod and a center ball head GH1780QR >>
  • 2 HOYA grey-filter ND4 & ND8 I put both in one filtering with a small self-drilling spacer-ring, so I do have a 32 times longer exposer than without filter. >>
what do I like on my tools and what not.
  • I choose the canon 5DmarkII, than it has a full frame sensor so I do have 60% more picture with my 16mm lens than with a cropfactor camera. And wide angel view is so important for my style of landscape photos. The 21mpixel are perfect for printing in large size and top quality. A good point is the low ISO from ISO50 for long exposer. But on this point would I love to have much deeper ISO ISO25, 10 or 2... so I could go up with the shutter-speed. but it looks like that the ISO range just goes up and up. 
  • My 16-35 lens. you can read a lot of test in the internet so I will not go deeper in details. I' m really happy with it. the quality is perfect. and I really like the wide angel from 16mm. 
  • My Gitzo. There a lot of love in the gitzo design. the quality is perfect. open and adust in a couple of seconds. just 1 kg! and stable like 1000 year old church ;). on the other hand around 1000$ for a tripod is a lot, but I would not change to a other one. but what I not understand on the head is a adjust screw with sharp corners. but with a nail file is this fix in 1 minutes!
  • Filters. the big problem is 32longer exposer is OK but I would like more 400 times would be perfect but with a filter diameter from 82mm is the strongest filter just 8 times. the longer exposer do i use to make the dream effect on waterfall photos. 30secs are OK but sometimes I would like to have 1-2 minutes and this during a sunny day.

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