Dienstag, 14. September 2010

making of the "Big Ben" picture

here can you sea all the 6 photos in a row how i took to find the right angel.
The photo's are without post production, just how it comes out of the camera 
here is the picture a little bit bigger to see more details

A: This was the first shoot to become a little the feeling for the spot and how it look's like as a photo. the light are great and there is some dynamic with the red an white car lights.

B: I tilt a little bit the camera to the left. you can see there is much more dynamic in the picture than in picture A. but i was thinking the tip of big bean should be in the left corner.

C: In this picture the tip of big Ben is in a nice position, but i did not like the bottom then the lines was not parallel to the bottom.

D: I moved the camera a couple of meters to the right to manage the bottom lines problem.

E: Here is the bottom not relay bad, but the tip of Big Ben is not in the exact upper left corner. and there’s no car lights on the street A3211. (probably is turning left nothing for English ;) )

F: I turn the camera a little bit up moved slightly to the left an there is the right position. Final photo

What did i used for this picture
  • 11min of time from the first to the last picture
  • a tripod
  • a standard canon 5d mark II
  • a 16-35mm USM II lens @ 16mm
  • a remote control

How did I bring the red and with lights in the picture?
  • Just use a long shutter speed. (5-60sec) the cars with their lights do the rest.
  • The timing is all, analyze the traffic then you will know when to start the shoot.

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