Samstag, 12. März 2011

"HOW TO" pier panorama

Why is the picture working and why i chose my camera settings?

camera and settings: CANON EOS 5D MK II, 16-35MM USM II @ 16MM, F/18, 25SEC, ISO-50

  • Set up the camera exact in the middle of the pier to get am symmetric picture.
  • Use a wide angel lens to get a wide view from the area.
  • Set the camera in the ride angel, the pier should not split the horizon waterline.
  • Cut out the picture in a panoramic format. The waterline should not be in the middle of the picture to get a harmonic picture. Use the golden ratio rule. Wikipedia
  • Adjust the camera on a high aperture f/18 to get from the frond till background all in focus.
  • Use a low ISO to get the long exposer time from 25 sec. To bring the lake flat and quiet. Don't forget the tripod.

see the photo in original size on my site: direct link

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